March 2020 

Why are Client Portals so important?
Client portals have become part of the digital face of many practices. They are an increasingly important connection point between your client and practitioners. In these fast-paced times of instant access to data and high demands on immediate service, our portals have offered us an additional means of data transfer.

Why do you and your clients need a portal?
The way we serve clients is changing. Portals, by the very name, connect a client to a firm, creating long-lasting relationships. Clients spend less time on traditional communication methods, and experience improved services. The engagement process can happen when they decide, and as frequently as they need without staff intervention, therefore you provide extra value without extra cost.

Research shows that the biggest complaints about Accounting Firms is that they don’t return phone calls. We are all very busy, but clients need to connect with their accountants. Using a portal can provide a place for the information the client seeks when calling you. This needed digital connection reflects positively your services and firm.

Don’t ignore this opportunity to connect your clients with your business by using our portal technology. This fast-paced world has taken away some of the personal service we prided our business on, thus the portal returns one way to express personal service.

Compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI)
The most affected industries are financial services, healthcare and marketing, but because of its broad scope, the Accounting industry is also affected by the Act. Our platform is a complaint about the act, particularly in relation to the security of data.

The biggest impact is on organisations that process lots of personal information, especially special personal information, children’s information and account numbers. As an accountant, you process personal information daily and, as such, you comply with the conditions.


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