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Can SmartPractice grow with my business?

It is important to think about what your practice needs now and what it will need tomorrow. You want to know that SmartPractice is in it for the long haul. We have been in the business of sorftware for the last two and half years, we have more than ample resources and most of all WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It is also very important to know, that we listen to you! To fix a small error maybe, or even create a whole new module that will address issues! Just speak to us!

You can be confident that we have the proper knowledge, capacity and expertise to GROW with your business for many year to come!

Does SmartPractice possess the relevant knowledge?

Well maybe the following will answer this Question:

Client: "You did not let me know about the outstanding amount on my income tax?"
Smartpractice answer: "John, Let me quickly send you our email log, and you can go and have a look on that date for the email regarding this outstanding amount. Oh, and John your IT34 lies in your client portal as well!"

Client: "My company is deregistered, why didn't you do my CIPC returns?"
Smartpractice answer: "John, we did let you know via automatic email that you should please let us know if we can handle it on your behalf. You did not correspond, and therefore we could not handle it on your behalf. Here is the email log for you to see when these emails were sent to you"

Smartpractice manager: "My management report shows we still have 5 VATs that have not been uploaded to the clients' portal?"
Staff member: "Yes, we are awaiting outstanding information"
Smartpractive manager: "Please, email clients, cc me so that we can have it on record"

This illustrates the fact that SmartPractice was developed to address everyday struggles within an Accounting and Audit Practice. We try to make your life easier by structuring and automating certain functions and reports that shows you just how compliant your practice is.

Who will I deal with?

We have specialists in software development and client support. But our directors will be your first point of contact. They have the knowledge to see beyond just your software advice and are available to speak to at any time.

Growing a practice

Growing a practice can bring many challenges to accountants and auditors business owners that they may have never faced before. Many decisions need to be made around:

  • How to increase efficiency
  • How to maximise turnover from existing clients
  • How to add additional income streams
  • Letting go of the reins

By having a set workflow and deadlines, wide reporting capabilities and accounting software integration all this is possible.

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